Bermuda Petrel

Our team at Nonsuch Expeditions conducts ongoing Expeditions on the Nonsuch Island Nature Reserve, around Bermuda into its surrounding waters and the Sargasso Sea.
In the spirit of Nonsuch Island’s and Bermuda’s conservation history, under the “Nonsuch Expeditions” umbrella, we leverage and where needed develop technology and produce high quality media for Conservation, Cultural Heritage Preservation, Exploration and Educational Outreach.

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Nonsuch Island Nature Reserve

The Nonsuch Island Nature Reserve is a 14-acre island part of the Castle Harbour Islands Nature Reserve, located at the eastern end of Bermuda in St. Georges parish.

It is home to several Endangered and Lazarus species and is 60 years into a 100-year re-wilding process. It is one of the earliest examples of Ecological Restoration to be found anywhere, with a project to restore an entire ecosystem, with all of its associated plant and animal communities in their appropriate habitats. It is also the base of the Bermuda Petrel Translocation Project where the iconic “Cahow” is being brought back after 300+ years of having been thought extinct.


Bermuda Petrel

The Bermuda Petrel or “Cahow” is an IUCN Red Listed, “Endangered” Lazarus Species, one of the rarest seabirds on the planet that nest only on Nonsuch Island and a few outer rocks in Bermuda. Thought extinct for 300+ years, 17 pairs were rediscovered in the 1950s, since when thanks to a long-term management plan and a more recent very successful translocation project they are back up to 155+ pairs.
Not only is it Bermuda’s National Bird, and one of the rarest seabirds on the planet, it is also a sentinel species.
Sea level rise and problematic species, persistent organic pollutants in their diet at sea


Rangers Voice

“We leverage and develop technology to solve Conservation Challenges and Exploration, whilst producing media for Public Outreach and Education. Nonsuch Island is now home to multiple Lazarus Species including the Bermuda Petrel or Cahow, one of the rarest seabird on the planet.”
Jean-Pierre Rouja
Founder - Conservation Tech Developer and Media Producer at the Nonsuch Expeditions


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